Be CALM Tips ©

For those who wish to reduce stress, BeCALM service sends daily SMS messages with hints, tips, information and alerts to help them stay focused on managing stress and on dealing with stressors and stress symptoms, as well as tips and hints to recognize and avoid toxic stressors and obtain stress-relief; some examples are shown in the figure alongside and the table below.

Are you easily irritated by family members or friends?
Are you starting to experience some ill effects of stress (e.g. tiredness, headaches, loss of interest)?
Do you have high BP or Diabetes?

Then BeCALM Tips © is for you!

BeCALM Tips © service is based on the principles of awareness-building, planning, action and repetition in order to develop new stress management habits. All stress is not bad, as some stress is essential for living and achieving progress. However when stress is intense or chronic, it becomes toxic. The key is to differentiate which is which, and deal with each differently.

The service sends timely SMS messages with hints, tips, Alerts and information designed to help subscribers stay focused on managing stress and to help them deal with stressors and avoid them where possible.

The messages also prompt subscribers to try out and select their own stress-handling techniques that lead to sustained stress-relief for them.

BeCALM Tips © helps subscribers develop new long-term habits to reduce stress levels, increase physical activity levels to counter stress and boost stress-hardiness, and also prompts them to take some stress-relieving action on a day to day basis.

Are your allergies getting worse? Stress can stimulate the production of IgE, a blood protein that causes allergic reactions.

Active breathing: Breathe in to the count of 4, hold for 7 and then slowly exhale for 8. Make sure you breathe in deep. Repeat 15 times.

BeCALM Tip: It's in the Eyes! Place the tips of two fingers above one eyebrow. Now move the eye around. Repeat with other eye. Cuts stress immediately!

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