Quit Smoke Tips ©

QuitSmoke Tips © service sends daily SMS messages with hints, tips, information and alerts to help you stay focused on quitting. It also helps you deal with cravings, urges and withdrawal symptoms, and provides tips and hints to avoid smoking triggers and remain smoke-free; some examples are shown in the figure and table.

Are you getting pressured by your family members, doctors or employers to quit?
Are you finding it more and more difficult to find a place to smoke?
Are more and more of your friends quitting?
Are you starting to experience some ill effects of smoking?
Do you have high BP or Diabetes?
If you are trying to quit smoking for any reason,

Then QuitSmoke Tips © is for you!

QuitSmoke Tips� is based on known psychological and behavioural change models and embeds the principles of awareness, planning, action and repetition in order to develop new smoking-avoidance habits.

Others have used QuitSmoke Tips� with great success! One subscriber said: "I recently started the QuitSmoke 8 weeks ago and have found the tips extremely helpful in my journey to quit smoking, especially dealing with the cravings and urges one feels when they first give up smoking..."

Another said: "I am happy to say that I am no longer a smoker. With the help of QuitSmoke, I managed to stay focused and learned to avoid triggers that urge me to smoke. QuitSmoke is an excellent service that helped me on a daily basis so I could kick this terrible habit, and all for less than a pack a month of cigarettes..."

What makes you want to smoke? Coffee? Meals? Driving? Boredom? Colleagues? Finding out and breaking the links is key to kicking the habit.

You don?t have to smoke every time you take a break. Today, no smoking during one break ? just do it. Be the master of your breaks. Think!

Quit Smoke Tip: Think: Do you smoke every time you eat? (Yes you do!). So how come you don't eat every time you smoke? Break the link.

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