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WellWomanTips © is for women who want to learn more about women's health issues and become more proactive in improving their health.

Many women appear to be in perfect health, but they may not be aware of certain health conditions for which they are vulnerable. Some of these conditions do not drastically affect daily living and other activities, but over time, they will get worse if not adequately treated. Some of these conditions have no outward signs or symptoms and can only be detected during a medical evaluation. Others, however, have early signs or symptoms that can be watched for. By making women aware of these signs and symptoms, we can help catch these conditions early, before they become serious.

PurpleTeal sends personalized email and/or SMS messages to subscribers to build health consciousness and awareness of women?s health issues, such as weight, arthritis, breast and cervical cancer, PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), fibroids, menopause, thyroid issues, osteoporosis, etc., and motivates them to take appropriate action.

Anemia Aware: If the lines on your palm are pale or if the inside of your eyelids are pale, you may have anemia. Please see your Doctor.

Osteo-who? Osteoporosis is more likely in women near menopause who drink a lot of coffee, don't exercise enough and eat a calcium-poor diet.

Well Woman Tip: Lack of Sleep can add pounds! if you're up late, u ead up snacking. Also, appetite hormones take over, making u hungrier the next morning.

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