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Healthy Heart Tips © is intended for those who want to do a better job of managing their heart health.

Heart problems can strike people as early as age 35. The early signs may be subtle, so many of those with underlying disease don?t even know they have it. When issues do occur, they are alarming, and even though modern medicine offers many effective treatments, they tend to be complex and expensive. We aim to help at-risk individuals become more aware about heart health and become more proactive about preventing problems. Heart Health Tips � provides daily informational tips on Heart-Healthy habits.

Daily messages like the ones shown, build awareness about risk factors, potential problems, how they can progress and degrade the body, as well as tips for better heart health through proper diet, exercise, stress reduction and other activities are also given.

High BP has no symptoms - so it's been called the 'silent killer'. There are few signs, so many people who have it don't know they have it.

High BP places extra burden on your heart - it has to work harder to pump blood, which thickens and stretches the heart muscle.

Healthy Heart: There are three major types of risk factors for heart disease: non-modifiable factors, behavioral factors and physiological factors.

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