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Lose Weight Tips © is intended for those who want to lose weight and keep it off!

Learning about health can also be a very interesting!

Did you make or are you thinking of making a resolution to lose weight?
Are more and more of your friends trying to lose weight?
Are you starting to experience some of the ill effects of being overweight, like high BP, high cholesterol or Diabetes?
Do your knees hurt when you run or walk fast?
Are you getting pressured by your family members, doctors or employers to lose weight?
Then, LoseWeight is for you!

The service sends timely SMS messages with hints, tips, alerts and information designed to help you stay focused on losing weight, such as the one in the figure and table below. The messages will help you become more active, improve your metabolism and develop new habits in order to lose weight and enjoy better health.

What are you shaped like - apple or pear? The former should cut carbs and sugar. Both shapes must avoid fats. If it's a watermelon, pray.

The faster you eat, the more you consume. Try eating slowly, enjoy every bite, chew 20 times before swallowing - you'll end up eating less!

Lose Weight: Skipping breakfast is a bad idea. Your body will adapt and store whatever you eat next as fat. Don't score a self goal!

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